A Father’s Day Catch: Best Fishing Spots in the Philippines to Explore with Dad

Olivia Barredo

June 1, 2023

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Ah, Father’s Day. It’s all about them come June 18, and what better way to show your love for him than to get ahead of the curve? Let’s see, you can buy him a meaningful gift like a camera; A multi-tool can be a bit tacky, but dads are sure to like them too! Or better yet, plan out an activity that you can both get to enjoy. Or even going out for some juicy steak will get those neurons activating for sure!

These are pretty cool for Father’s Day, but how about one more suggestion that might be perfect for this coming day–fishing? It’s calm, quiet, and intimate–the best time to chat, and talk about anything under the sun, literally! If the fishing does not go your way, you at least spent a wonderful day with your dad, while in the best-case scenario you can catch a bunch of fish that you might even have a chance to grill or keep. With that being said, here are some of the best fishing spots in the Philippines you can visit with dad!



Fishing Spots to Visit


Siargao Islands



If you want to go big, this is where you can really make an impression. The Siargao Islands are the prime fishing area in the country, as they are very well known as the sport and game fishing capital. There is a wide range of fish found in the waters of the islands, such as tuna, tanigue, billfish, grouper, and many more. This is a great place to take your dad if he loves the outdoors. This trip is all-out, so you should prepare as soon as possible. You will also need to rent a fishing boat for the day, but it is worth it when you can catch a ton of different fish.

Once you get to the island, you should definitely get excited about the possibility of big game fishing, as the waters are teeming with plenty of large fish, such as giant trevally or barracudas. These are some of the most reliable ways to get some of the best fishing experiences out there. While it can be pricey, this is a worthwhile trip that will not only please your father, but create memorable experiences for the whole family!


Marikina River



The Marikina River is a popular fishing spot within the city. It is easily accessible, with places like the Marikina River Park and Goodcatch Sportfishing nearby to help you get started. You can expect to find tilapia, janitor fish, dory, kanduli, and many more.

However, since the river runs along the east side of Metro Manila, it is recommended that you bring your own equipment. Not all fishing spots have places where you can rent equipment.

That aside, this is a great place to fish with your dad, even if you just want to take in the scenery and enjoy the day as you exchange stories.


Lake Caliraya


With the beauty of nature all around the lake, it's no wonder that this place is a popular fishing spot. Located in Cavinti, Laguna, you can double the trip as both a fishing trip and a nature getaway. The lake is actually very well known for its largemouth bass, and might even be one of the most prevalent places to catch bass in the country. The place is also filled with other sea life, like needlefish, flounder, trevally, and a lot more! Many resorts and vacation homes that accommodate guests surround the lake.

A lake surrounded by resorts does come with its own set of perks. They provide a place to stay if you are looking to stay in the area for a while. Moreover, the resorts allow guests to fish in the lake, offering different rates and experiences depending on which one you choose. Take the Dory Fishing Village in Caliraya Springs for example. They offer rentals and accommodations for your fishing trip, including a fishing fee of PHP 300. They also offer fishing rods for rent (also at PHP 300/rod). You can rent out a gazebo or nipa hut for either a half or full day too if you need a place to just chill out with your dad.


The Playground

An ecopark that calls for nature lovers to take part in their campsites, The Playground offers many activities in the park for the whole family! The ecopark is very Instagrammable with a lot of opportunities to get some beautiful shots for your social media pages. Recognized as one of Rizal’s best camping sites, the ecopark offers a lot of depth in what they have in store for campers. Check out their hanging bridges, take in the visual sights of the park, and take in the scenery from the viewdeck.

Among some of their campsites are some really great fishing spots that are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. The Playground offers a bunch of resources that can help you increase your chances of catching fish, but it is still recommended that you bring your own fishing equipment. You can also try out their kayaks that allow you to cruise across the waters while you try your hand in catching some fish. If you want to lean more on dry land, the park has a lot of accommodations that come in many sizes, tents, and even teepee houses. These are all not necessary for the trip, however, so you can still have a relatively fun time without spending a lot of money. A day tour for children will be PHP 100/head while adults are at PHP 150/head, and if your father may be a bit older, you can also sign him up as a senior at PHP 120.




Crocolandia is a conservation park that aims to promote the rich biodiversity of the Philippines. Located in Talisay City in Cebu, you can expect to see the disappearing species of the Philippine saltwater crocodiles and alligators, which are still being preserved and cared for within their facilities. This place has a ton of activities that you can do during your visit, such as crocodile feeding, snake talks, and fishing!

This is a great place for an outing with your father, as you can fish at two small ponds with some benches and bamboo poles provided for you to catch fish. However, it is generally recommended that you bring your own fishing equipment. There is also a snack bar where you can get food while you are waiting, and you can expect to catch a variety of different fish, such as tilapia, red pacu, and even striped snakeheads. Crocolandia is also a very affordable place to visit, with children's entrance fees at PHP 50 and adult entrance fees at PHP 100. So if you want to go on a fishing trip with your dad while also learning about the local wildlife, this place is a great choice. Just be sure not to get "snappy" with the reptiles!



Remember, this is Father’s Day, it doesn't really matter how much fish you catch by the end of the day. It doesn’t even matter if you catch fish at all. What matters is spending quality time with your father. This is a great activity to blow off steam and relax while you two spend the whole day just chilling and showing your appreciation for all the love and work they put into your life. So get to planning out this day and book early while you still can.

Book some places early to really prepare yourselves for a memorable bonding experience!